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Bob Usoroh

Came f rom Nigeria to the Soviet Union to study Architecture in 1985. A licensed Architect. The Author of
the Bob's Method 10-day English Grammar Course for Russian speakers. Afro-Expressionist with an ever increasing fine art collection. Currently writing a doctoral dissertation on Energy sustainable high rise buildings at the Satbayev University, Kazakstan
Married with Children and currently residing in Almaty.

Almaty, +77013597811
The Soviet Union Diary "The Return" by Bob Usoroh
This is a book of the journey to myself as an Artist....
...The atmosphere was uneasily calm, the excess electricity that socialism was associated with flooded the early morning spaces adding some tint of subtlety to the rather rugged and harsh reality that socialism embodied. Unobtrusive commands organized us to carrying out the daily programs. You just find yourself walking in groups of other Nigerians performing common physiological and social functions like washing up, going to the eating hall or doing collective shopping... The Soviet Union Diary "The Return"
....We were handed our passports and a sum of 5 Roubles ($1.25 ) as pocket money during the trip. A loaf of bread cost 5 cents, so this amount was just enough for our three-day trip.
Besides my reading of "the Passport of Mallam Iliah" by a famous Nigerian writer, Chinua Achebe, where part of the episode centered around a train trip,. My first encounter with the train was at Yaba - Lagos in 1974, during a college entrance examination. The college was situated near an industrial railroad. I had jumped onto the metal steps of the rear wagon of a sluggish moving train. My adventure lasted for less than a minute as I had alighted for fear of the train accelerating. I was to be riding on the train for the first time in the Soviet Union....The Soviet Union Diary "The Return"
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