Bob usoroh
I'm a Nigerian -born Artist, Architect and Pedagogue, currently residing in Kazakhstan. I believe in lines being the forces that join the universe and you.
Selected works
These are freehand sketches, that cover a wide range of areas. I have no aspiration for details but rather strive to retain the energy in the lines.
Wole Soyinka-Global figures
African woman farmer-African woman farmers series
Arnold-Global figures
Slim-Global figures
Kim-Global figures
AK-Global figures
Joe-Global figures
Manny-Global figures
Will-Global figures
Okonjo-Global figures
Dimash-Global figures
Ronaldo-Global figures
Must-Global figures
Pitt-Global figures
The Queen-Global figures
Dolly-Global figures
Ronaldo-Global figures
Wizkid-Global figures
Serena-Global figures
The Rock-Global figures
Ttson-Global figures
Dua-Global figures
Bush-Global figures
Gaddafi-Global figures
Must-Global figures
Kagame-Global figures
Chris-Global figures
Modi-Global figures
Buhari-Global figures
Pele-Global figures
Kenny-Global figures
Obama-Global figures
Obi-Global figures
Beyonce-Global figures
Chris-Global figures
Ma-Global figures
Get in touch
I'm always looking forward to new opportunities, collaborations and interesting projects, so contact me if you got any.
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